Ari Williams

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

Hey there! I am one half of the Social Media and Promotions Director here at FanboyTV (the other being Jeffrey Lord). You may see me on the screen or hear my voice here and there, but I like to think of myself as the studio’s “Guardian Ninja.”

I went to school here in Austin, TX and started my career here at FanboyTV soon after I graduated. Actually, I was coerced and involuntarily added to the crew, but they treat me nice. In my free time, I’m working on several music projects, freelance acting in either theaters or festivals, running a small business in Marketing and Advertising for artists (hit me up), and knocking out a game library that’s adding up faster than I’m finishing it.

My “Geek Niches” would be along the lines of anything magic/fantasy, sci-fi, or anime. I constantly daydream about what life would be like if the universe was similar to Final Fantasy. On occasion, I dress up as characters a few people have only ever heard of and let them take my picture (“cosplaying” I believe people call it). Walking on the beach can take way too long, wine is only good if we’re not counting, and dinner is great as long as you’re buying.

Feel free to reach out to me at!

My Video Gamer Tags

PSN: Uza-Yui

Xbox: Ari Kai18

Steam: Ari Kaiser

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Molecular Manipulation, because if you think about it, I can be:

-The Avatar
-Doctor Strange
-Beat Boy
-Piper Halliwell (yes, from Charmed)

…all in one.

(Before anyone fights me on this, use your imagination a little :P)

XBox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC


Aliens, Predators or Space Marines


Board Games or Video Games

Video Games

Star Trek or Star Wars

Star Wars

These are a few of my favorite things.

Gaming and cooking/
And rainbows on mittens~
Singing and writing/
With puppies and kittens~
Persona and dancing and fire-spinning/
These are a few of my favorite things!