Fanservice presents Let’s Cast Our Dream D&D Film

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On today’s Geek Vs Geek Pocky takes on his wife Courtney to debate how a new D&D Film should be made – Live Action with practical effects or CGI with no boundaries.
Who will win and who will hang their head in shame? Tune in and let us know what your favorite RPG system is!

Today on Fanservice we decide to have a little fun and create our own set up for what we think needs to be in a Dungeons and Dragons film franchise!

It’s safe to say when you say RPG, the first thing someone is going to say is ‘You mean Dungeons and Dragons?’. But did you know there is way more out there other than D&D? Join us as our own resident RPG gamers Pocky and Courtney as they take you over the top ten other RPG systems for you to explore and play with.

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