The Ultimate Bad Asses Of Geekdom

See The Segments Of The Show Below!

Today on Fanservice we have been celebrating our favorite bad ass characters from geekdom, and it all comes down to this epic Geek Vs Geek showdown.
Two contestants enter – Jeffrey and Gavin – to debate and sway the judge to vote for their choice of the ULTIMATE BAD ASS!
Who will win and who will hang their head in shame? Tune in and let us know who your favorite bad ass of geekdom is!

That’s right, all new episodes of Fanservice are here and we thought what better way to kick off the fun then by celebrating our love of the ultimate bad asses of geekdom with special guest Steven Giddings from the Warrior Gaming League. Who are our favorite action stars, villains and more? Tune in and find out!
And there is way more out there in the world of bad asses to love. Let us know your thoughts and favorites in the comments!

As we celebrate all our favorite bad asses of geekdom on Fanservice, we would be remiss to overlook the LAME characters of geekdom. Who made the list of our worst of the worst? Tune in and find out, and let us know if your choices made the list in the comments!

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