Many of you know Spencer Breslin from his work as a young actor in films like The Cat In The Hat and The Santa Clause movies. He’s now grown up and is one of the stars of the new horror flick SOME KIND OF HATE! We talked to him about the film,  his love of the horror genre, as well as his work as a musician.


Tell us a little bit about your character Isaac in SOME KIND OF HATE.

Isaac is very well written and was a lot of fun to play. I’ve done a lot of comedic characters in the past, but while Isaac has some comedic aspects to him, there’s a lot more to the character. He’s kind of the voice of reason in this film, which is really tough to be. Isaac is trying to tell the other characters,  “Listen to me! We need to get the fuck out of here! This shit is crazy!!!”.

You mentioned your work in comedic films. What is it like going from those movies to working in the horror genre?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the horror genre. I’d always wanted to do a character where you could get down and dirty . . . and bloody. It was great to work on this film that was funny, heavy, and dramatic, while at the same time having all of the crazy horror film elements that I love as a fan! So, it was really cool to get be in this movie as it is literally the total package!

The theme of bullying and it’s effects runs throughout the film. What is your take on it?

I think that being bullied or feeling alienated is something that everyone can relate to. That is what makes this movie special. At one point or another everyone has felt like an outcast. The massage in the film is very universal.

Can you talk a little bit about the production of the film?

Adam (Egypt Mortimer) was a first time director, but you would never be able to tell that. He had such a good command on set. He was patient with the actors and took the time to explain things. That just added to the great environment. Everyone just loved the project and put their all into it it, which really helps when making a film like this. I don’t want to give away any spoilers on my favorite scene to shoot, but let’s just say it involved a lot of blood!

As well as being an accomplished actor, you’re also a musician. How does working in film compare to working in music?

I have a rock n’ roll, punk type band called Broken Machine. We’re getting ready to put out an album. Comparing music and acting:  In music, I write all of my music that I play. In acting, you are performing someone else’s work. So there are those differences. In real life, I’m actually kinda’ shy. When you’re acting you get do all these crazy things as the character that you might not normally do. It’s sort of the same thing when you’re performing onstage as a musician. So, there are those similarities.

What was the first horror film that really affected you?

My favorite horror film of all time is definitely The Shining. I saw it when I was a young kid and it freaked me out, even though at the time I didn’t know exactly why it freaked me out. The first thing that really scared me is horror film related, but not the actual film. When I was a little kid, my brother had the theatrical poster of The Exorcist in his bedroom. That picture of the priest standing in front of the house was just so terrifying to me as a kid. At the same time, it was really cool and made me want to find out more about it. It definitely helped me get into horror!

SOME KIND OF HATE is now playing in select theatres and is available on iTUNES and VOD.

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