From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series continues it’s fantastic second season with Episode 3, titled  “Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine”, premiering September 8th. This episode is helmed by Alejandro Brugues,  the horrifically talented director of Juan of the Dead. We had a chance to chat with him about working on the show and all sorts of horror goodness.



1. From Dusk Till Dawn is a masterful blending of different genres, one of those is  Horror. Having worked in horror before, what do you think it is that draws you to work in this genre?

Well for that we have to go way back to my childhood. I used to watch tons of horror films as a kid, I guess it’s always been my favorite genre. I like many genres, I like good movies in general, but I have a soft spot for horror. Then growing up you start to analyze the movies a bit more, not stay only on a visceral response, and you start seeing subtext and social commentary. It’s beautiful, because when it’s well made, you can talk about issues that you think are important, it can be a reflection of society, and at the same time it’s tons of fun.


2. Can you recall the first Horror film that you saw that left a lasting impression on you and why did it leave this impression on you?

Sure, it was Evil Dead. I was probably 8 years old, maybe a bit too young for it, but it just blew me away. And of course, scared the crap out of me and my friends. I remember it was the second film I owned, and since we’re talking Cuba mid 80’s, I really didn’t have many more films, so me and my friends would watch it over and over. As to why did it leave an impression… c’mon, an 8 year old watching Evil Dead, what would you expect? It’s still one of my favorite films, of course.


3. What is working on a television program like compared to a feature?

I really can’t say what was different. I guess some things, decisions you’re used to take on a film, on TV are probably not on you. You inherit sets and costumes from previous episodes, that kind of stuff. And the speed is insane. But the experience was pretty much the same, and I immediately got used to the speed, and it was just amazing. Right now I don’t know why the hell does it take so long to shoot a feature. Wait till I get to a set again and start screaming “faster! faster!”


4. From Dusk Till Dawn has so many amazing characters. Is there a particular character that really stands out as a favorite to you?

I love them all. I have to say, it’s an amazing group and all the actors are great and really fun to work with. I wouldn’t pick one, but I really enjoyed shooting Sex Machine. On one hand, it’s such an iconic character. And on the other, Jake Busey has so much fun with it. It was hilarious to see him rehearse and do take after take. The way he said each line made you want to feel dirty and run take a bath.

Also, I got to wear the cock gun. What can be cooler than that?


5. Did you have a certain scene that was your favorite to shoot?

Everything was a blast. I have a special memory about one scene, and it wasn’t a hard or difficult scene. Just an anecdote. We were shooting with Freddy (Jesse Garcia) and we had a snake, and it was my only scene with a snake and actually the first time ever that I even touched a snake in my life. And turns out snakes are hard to direct, they just do whatever the hell they want, and we needed the snake to stay still and look in one direction, and it just wouldn’t stay still. So I jumped on the set, I knelt in front of the snake and for some reason it looked into my eyes and it just froze, and everyone was speechless, the thing was just hypnotized. I didn’t break eye contact and it didn’t move a muscle for 7 minutes, while the rest of the crew was trying to get the take.

So, you see, I had to go to Austin and shoot an episode of From Dusk to find out I’m part culebra, which is really appropriate.

Alejandro’s episode of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN : THE SERIES premieres Tuesday September 8th (9pm ET) on EL REY NETWORK.


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